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Sunday, 5 August 2018

ASP.Net - Introduction

ASP.NET is a web application framework designed and developed by Microsoft. ASP.Net is to develop dynamic data-driven web applications and web services using the programming languages such as C# or VB.NET.  ASP.Net is the successor of classic ASP. ASP stands for (Active Server Page)

ASP.Net framework provides fantastic integration with different web technologies like HTML, CSS(Cascading Style Sheet - to give good look to the web page) and JavaScript.

What is a web application?
A web application is an application that we can be accessed through any web browser(like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc...). 

Before continuing with this ASP.Net, the student should have a basic understanding of .NET programming language(like C#,VB.Net etc..).
As we are going to learn about web-based application designing(using ASP.NET web application class library(framework)), it would be more advantageous to have knowledge on other web technologies like HTML, CSS, AJAX. etc. ASP.Net is the product of Microsoft to build a web application.

What are the other web technologies to build a web application?
PHP,Java,Perl etc..

ASP.Net framework provides a good collection of server-side controls and events to create a web application. With the help of Java script/JQuery,CSS we can build strong and user friendly applications with highly optimized user interface.

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