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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Advantages of a web application

In general, a typical computer user uses three kinds of applications in the daily life, 


Windows application is the applications which are installed in a particular PC or Laptop to access. In case 100 people need to use the same application in their respective systems, in each system the application needs to be installed. Further, any updates have occurred in the application, each system should get updates. 

Example Skype desktop version, whenever new updates are added to the Skype, each time user needs to download the changes and update in the PC. The same formula applicable for the mobile apps.

But, the web application is different, one server (called web server) is pretty enough to install the application and via a web browser(using URL), the user can access the application. Web applications can be accessed on any platform(cross-platform).

So, maintenance and support become easier for the provider.

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