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Sunday, 1 July 2018

What is Microsoft.Net?

.Net is a technology introduced by Microsoft in the early 2000s, which consists of languages, tools, technology to design different types of applications like Windows, web, and mobile-based and different services like windows and web which are used to create the strong and powerful applications.

Problems before .Netframework

Before.Net Microsoft has VC++, VB 6.0 for Windows applications and classic ASP for Web solutions.

1. These are platform dependent.
2. They don't support interoperability.
3. Unstructured error handling.
4. The developer needs to learn different languages to developer different applications like to develop windows application VB6.0/VC++ and classic ASP for web applications.

When it comes to Java, it's a single solution to achieve windows/web requirements. So, many developers migrated from Microsoft to Sun Micro Systems and Java remained the champion in the market.

To overcome these all problems Microsoft started to work on .NET in the late 1990s  under the name of Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS).
By late 2000, the first beta versions of .NET 1.0 were released and in 2001  the first commercial version (1.0) of .NET was released into the market which got a great success.

Now, 4.7.3 is the latest version available in the market.

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