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Monday, 30 July 2018

Components of ADO.Net

NameSpace:  System.Data

Data Providers and Dataset are the key components of ADO.NET.  A data provider is a class that helps to communicate with database servers like "SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle,etc.."

There are three types of providers available with the .NETFramework

ASP.NET SQL Server Connection
ASP.NET OLEDB Connection
ASP.NET ODBC Connection

A data provider contains different components like "Connection, Command, Data adapter and reader". 

Connection: Connection is the object of a provider which can produce a connection between our application and the database server.
Command: Command is the SQL query or a procedure.
Command has three methods.


DataAdapter: A Data adapter stores the result set which fetches from the database server
DataReader: Reads the data in forward-only, read-only stream of data from a data source.

DataSet: A dataset stores the result sets in the format of tables. We can store more than one table in the dataset and we can access them on Disconnected architecture. DataAdapter acts as a communicator between the data source and dataset. We can use LINQ concepts on a dataset to avoid multiple hitting on the data source.

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