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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

File Management System - DBMS

        File Management System And Its Drawbacks

a)      In file management system, data stores in the format of files (OS dependent).
b)      Files may locate in hard disk or magnetic tapes.
c)       Shares data to developers in set of files format. So user needs to copy files in his local drive and work from there.
d)      Each and every application developer needs to maintain a separate copy of the files.
e)      Each change later need to update in every user individual set of files or later need to copy the updates into mother file which is located in server.
f)       This leads to waste of efforts and space available in memory.
g)      Security wise there is a lot of chance for manipulating the data.
h)      It is a little difficult to track the logs.
i)        Data sharing also difficult (most of the cases) as every user maintains their own set of files.

j)      So, it is not possible to show data to all users immediately in case any change happen. So lot of tracking system need to maintain.

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